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Superheated Ice (P100022)

Aerating frozen product (e.g. ice cream) is a time consuming and energy intensive process where product quality/texture is driven by the size of micro cavity and the storage conditions before use. Air is introduced to the frozen product by beating with typically state of the art air cell size of > 50mm.

This invention defines a novel method for producing frozen foams by forcing a sample of water-based product into a doubly meta stable condition. In this state the sample wants to simultaneously vaporise (as it is under negative pressure) and freeze (as it is below freezing temperature). When a bubble nucleates and expands the surface of the bubble cools further, instantaneously freezing. This creates a surface for further bubble nucleation; the process cascades and the sample instantly freezes with micro bubbles.

Patents have been granted on this technology.

Inventor: Rhodri Williams