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Many essential medical apparatuses require a light source powered by batteries or a mains supply connected to an incandescent light bulb. The access to a power source is no real problem in a Westernised society, but in remote communities mains power sources or batteries are not always available. According to the World Health Organisation, 95% of medical devices fail to work in developing countries, often due to a lack of a reliable mains power supply or replacement batteries. In emergency relief situations disposable batteries may leak or short circuit during use or burn and break causing injury. Disposable batteries also present detrimental financial and environmental costs which Western inventors often overlook when designing products for the medical market.


The ShakerScope is a novel product based on the traditional ophthalmoscope and designed by Swansea University Professors and consultant anaesthetists. Interchangeable appliance heads allow the ShakerScope to be fitted on to a range of vital medical instruments. These include an ophthalmoscope for eye examination, an otoscope for ear examination and a laryngoscope, to insert breathing tubes for anaesthesia or resuscitation.

Based upon the Faraday principle ShakerScope is powered by kinetic energy. Shaking ShakerScope for 30 seconds will generate enough light for 20 minutes of use. If the energy produced is not needed immediately, the charge can be stored for several weeks until required. The light is provided by a LED which has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. The ShakerScope also incorporates a programmable microprocessor unit which indicates when the product is fully charged, and gives a warning when the charge is starting to run out. ShakerScope is designed to work in various conditions, ranging from snowy and cold, to dry and hot, and is waterproof, shockproof, and easy to sterilise.


ShakerScope provides a battery-less, kinetic solution to medical emergencies for doctors, clinicians and field medics globally. This product has been developed both for reducing the overhead costs in maintaining battery powered devices in operating theatres, and for field use such as military operations or charity missions in remote communities. ShakerScope has been trialled by the British Army in Afghanistan.

Shakerscope is a Spin out Company of Swansea University and all IP rights are held by the University. ShakerScope is licensed to Timesco Ltd.


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