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Nanowire Sensor (P100012)

This technology is a Nanowire Sensor integrated into a semiconductor device. The sensor has high sensitivity due to its increased surface to volume ratio, and the integration into semiconductor technology allows for local amplification. The technology also allows for the nanowires to be biased and operated at a lower noise level delivering high sensitivity, allows contaminants to be burned off so as to clean them between operations, allows for multiple independent sensors on single chips, and protects the nano-wires after growth.

There are a number of sensing applications for which this invention would be useful in: gas, chemical and biological applications. Additionally, other functionalities such as nano generation using the nanowires piezoelectric properties could be readily exploited with this technology.

A patent application is pending.

Inventors: Matthew Elwin, P. M. Holland, Petar Igic, Alexander Lord, Thierry Maffeis & Steve Wilks