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Gas Generator (P100027GB)

When individuals are trapped in an emergency situation they may need gases such as oxygen or anaesthetists to be delivered. Known devices are either too bulky to use in confined spaces or are not suitable for use in dangerous situations because the gas containers may be punctured and explode (for example a war zone). Existing devices that generate gas in situ produce a large amount of gas at once but if there are difficulties rescuing the patient there is no longer term delivery of gas which could lead to an individual being starved of oxygen or remaining in pain.

This technology provides a portable gas generator capable of delivering gas over a sustained period of time by producing the gas chemically in combination with a recirculating gas delivery system. Because the system uses a solid gas generator and is not pressurised it can be used in dangerous emergency situations making it a particularly safe device to use.

A patent application has been filed.

Inventors: David Williams, John Dingley, Peter Douglas & James Douglas