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Position: Professor of Microbiology and Infection

Professor Kelly has more than 20 years experience working within the cytochrome P450 (CYP) field in relation to biodiversity and biotechnology, especially concerning fungal CYPs and sterol biology. She is now Professor in Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology at Swansea University.

An EU programme (EUROFAN) was set up within the yeast community in Europe to elucidate the function of all of yeast genes and Diane was invited to be part of the group determining alterations in sterol biosynthesis in gene-disrupted strains. She was also responsible for gene disruptions and strain verification as the UK laboratory involved in the EUROFAN II project and this was the first time every gene of an organism had been specifically deleted to determine its contribution to viability and readily observable phenotype. More recently Diane was invited to lead an international team (Eurofung, FP6) to identify all CYPs present in A. nidulans with the aim of defining function using a bioinformatics approach.


• CYPs involved in sterol metabolism
• Defining function for so-called "orphan" genes
• Studies related to antimicrobial action
• Antimicrobial drug resistance