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Position: Senior Lecturer

Dr Morgan gained her PhD in 2002 and since then has worked in the field of cancer research. Claire has previously held a post at the prestigious MRC Cancer Cell Unit in Cambridge before returning to Swansea University. Since 2004 Claire's research has focused on investigating the molecular biology of prostate cancer in terms of its response to chemotherapeutic agents.

Claire is now part of the DNA Damage Research Group at the Institute of Life Science 1 where one of her research aims is based on identifying prognostic biomarkers for clinical management of prostate cancer patients. In 2010 Claire was awarded a grant by Prostate UK (now called Prostate Action) and to date she is the only scientist in Wales to be funded by Prostate UK. Apart from cancer research, Claire works in the field of angiogenesis and the role it plays in the spread of cancer as well as in wound healing. Claire also has links with a world-leading angiogenesis group in the Netherlands. Most recently Claire has taken up the post of Genetics tutor and teaches on the Genetics and Medical Genetics BSc degree schemes in the College of Medicine.


• Medical genetics
• Cancer research
• Biomarkers, in particular linked to prostate cancer
• Angiogenesis of cells
• Wound healing