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Position: Lecturer

Dr Chenfeng Li has been a lecturer at the Civil & Computational Engineering, College of Engineering at Swansea University since 2007. His research is largely centred in computational science and engineering, with a special focus of a) stochastic modelling and its applications in energy, environmental and biomedical engineering; and b) physical modelling for graphics applications. As part of the Knowledge Transfer Centre of Simulation Based Product Design, he also works closely with local manufacture industries and businesses, providing a wide range of simulation services, involving deformation, fracture, energy and mass transport in various complex structures and devices.

He develops novel probabilistic models that allow accurate quantitative measurement and description of various practical random media that are non-Gaussian, non-stationary and nonlinear. Random materials that are particularly suitable for this approach include geological formations, concrete, composite materials, biological tissues and various biomaterials. Chenfeng also develops efficient numerical simulation techniques that can analyse and evaluate the uncertainty propagation through complex physical and engineering systems, which can guide the associated risk assessment and management.

His research in computer graphics has led to three patent applications: 1) Fisheye video correction. 2) Style-analysis based painterly rendering. 3) View-dependent multiscale fluid simulation.


• Engineering simulation of deformation, fracture, energy and mass transport
• Stochastic modelling of uncertainty propagation in physical and bio systems
• Physically-based animation and physics engine for video game and movie production