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Position: Associate Professor

Email: y.cai@swansea.ac.uk

I am very interested in developing and using advanced statistical methods to solve practical problems that come from, for example, engineering, biology, social science, business, finance and economics. I have extensive working experience with people from different areas. Many of my publications were resulted from such collaborations, but in the meantime I have also helped them to solve their practical problems.

For example, I have collaborated with engineers for many years. The work has resulted in new statistical methods for reproducing random data, leading to huge financial savings, and new statistical methods for flood risk estimation and prediction. I have collaborated with biologists to study animal internal 'state', which includes hormonal, disease, nutritional and affective states, by developing and using advanced statistical methods to analyse the data obtained from animals. The work provide important information for wildlife managers to understand how internal state is linked to behaviour and movement, and thus give better understanding of issues ranging from how animals deal with new roads to the spread of diseases such as avian influenza.

I have also collaborated with people from raw reeling silk industry. This work has helped them to develop effective statistical methods to simulate a large number of size series of cocoon filament. The size series of cocoon filament are very expensive to collect but they are needed by the researchers in raw silk reeling industry in order to produce raw silk with the required standards. I am very interested in developing collaboration links with people from various fields. I believe such collaborations will help people to solve their problems, and hence will have an immediate impact on our economy.


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