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Dr. Karima Dyussekeneva

Position: Lecturer

Dr. Karima Dyussekeneva obtained a PhD from University of Bath. Her research focused on forecasting techniques and specifically on new product forecasting. New product forecasting is highly difficult due to the absence of historic data. Companies report up to 500% deviation of forecast from the actual data. Karima researched methods, which improves accuracy and allows managers to predict with accuracy levels of new product sales and demand.

Dr. Karima Dyussekeneva also holds an MBA from Durham University. During her professional career she worked at major multinational companies, at senior positions in the area of research and development. She also advised major brand companies, such as J&J and Merck on forecasting and new product forecasting. After her PhD she provided tutoring at the University of Bath in business forecasting and she is currently teaching at Swansea University. She is actively involved in research in the area of new product forecasting and has several publications at leading 7 academic journals.