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Position: Senior Lecturer

Dr Lewis graduated with a first-class honours degree in Physics with Medical Physics, and studied for an MSc in Medical Radiation Physics and a PhD in Physics. He is a Chartered Physicist and Chartered Scientist, member of both the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics in Engineering and Medicine, and a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology. His current post is Senior Lecturer within the College of Engineering at Swansea University.

Michael's main research interest is in the application of physics and engineering to medicine and healthcare. Current major research studies include a Welsh Government Access for Business collaboration relating to the 'Development of a control system for an artificial lung'. The majority of his work has focussed on non-invasive physiological assessment of the cardiovascular, haemodynamic and autonomic nervous systems (CHANS) in health and disease. This work has led to further Government funded projects such as a Welsh Government NISCHR funded investigations of 'CHANS physiology during pregnancy' and 'Exercise influences on CHANS physiology during pregnancy'.


• Physiological measurement for clinical diagnosis and monitoring
• Assessing cardiac electrical activity and haemodynamic variables
• Exercise physiology laboratory work and patient assessment
• Novel algorithm and software development, digital signal processing and time-series analysis in the health area
• The non-invasive assessment of CHANS pathophysiology and specifically in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease