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Position: Professor of Reproductive Immunobiology

Professor Martin Sheldon qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Liverpool in 1984 and worked in clinical practice for 14 years in West Wales, becoming a Specialist in 1992. He joined the Royal Veterinary College in 1998, where he taught veterinary reproduction and completed a PhD through the University of Liverpool. Research funding from the Wellcome Trust and BBSRC formed the foundation for studying the mechanisms of infection and immunity in the female genital tract. Martin was awarded a BBSRC Research Development Fellowship in 2006 to develop a full-time research career and in 2008 he moved to the Institute of Life Science at the School of Medicine, Swansea University.

Martin's team work on host-pathogen interactions and how microbes are sensed by the innate immune system, with funding from BBSRC, industry. In particular Martin works on infections of the reproductive system in females as infection of the uterus with bacteria is common in animals and humans causing infertility, abortion, pain and suffering. Uterine disease is difficult to prevent and costly to treat and so finding ways of treating such diseases has significant impact of animal and human health and reduces medical costs.


• Microbes involved in uterine diseases
• The use of immunology to detect and recognise bacteria or bacterial toxins in the uterus and ovary
• Cell morphology and function changes relating to uterine and ovarian cells
• The role of innate immunity and inflammation in parturition and preterm labour