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Position: Co-ordinator of Specialist Tuition

Dr Margaret Meehan has worked with adults with Specific Learning Difficulties in Higher Education for over 15 years. Initially supporting dyslexic students who experienced difficulties with mathematics and science, she delivers specialist tuition to students across all disciplines. She was a researcher on an award winning Tempus Project on the Identification and Support in Higher Education of Dyslexic Students (ISHEDS) in the Balkan countries and Wales, and has carried out small research projects on Dyslexia and the Experience of Students in Higher Education; Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics; Dyslexia and Entrepreneurship; and Dyslexia, Welsh and Bilingualism. The co-author of Dyslexia Friendly Further and Higher Education (Sage, 2010). Margaret has also delivered Dyslexia Awareness Training to Universities, Local Authorities and private companies.


• Dyslexia awareness training
• Diagnostic assessment (16 years – Adult)